Facility Information (Lic. TFF1200)

The training center was started In January 2004 when several public safery, security and law enforcement firearms instructors got together and formed what is now know as the Academy of Police Science & Protective Services (APSPS)

The original founders believed that training and it's developement was the most cruicial factor when it came to developing professional security officers, but they felt the current high cost of training was a deterrent.

NSETC BuildingTherefore in January of 2004, the original instructors got to togerther to create a more affordable solution when it came to private security training. Since then APSPS has been setting standards left and right within the pubic & private sector security & public safety industry. As creators of the first ever California the "Original" Online Security Guard Card Course we started a trend that many other training facilities have followed. Although many others offer good training courses and solutions we still feel that we offer the best options and will continue to be the offer the best not only in quality but but in value.

We firmly believe that getting the proper state licensed training required to getting you that great job should'nt cost you an "arm and a leg" and will continue to offer the best training, best instructors, best prices and customer services GUARANTEED! The courses we offer are designed to prepare you as the best possible candidate for a position in law enforcement, private security, executive protection, estate security, armed/unarmed the possibilities in the public safety and security industry sector are endless. The instructors and staff at the Academy of Police Science and Protective Services provide the highest quality instruction and quality firearms training available worldwide.

The Academy of Police Science and Protective Services (APSPS) was created due to the strong demand for private security personnel to protect dignitaries, executives, celebrities, sports figures and even abroad as United State private contractors. APSPS also specializes in lethal and non-lethal defensive tactics. Our training facility in used by federal, state and local law enforcement, military, and security agencies to train and re-qualify their agents and officers.

As we've grown throughout the years our staff constantly aquires the latest in equipment and training techniques, to bring you the most up to date and affordable training experience available anywhere.

Thank you for choosing APSPS for training solutions - APSPS Staff