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*MOST POPULAR: Online California Security Guard Card for State Permit & Registration Course

This is our most popular course because it is the only course necessary and required to obtain a State of California Security Guard Card-Registration from the Bureau of Security and Investigative services (BSIS). As a state licensed and approved training center all of our training material is approved by the BSIS. This course is our most popular and is commonly known as the Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction class. This online course will go over all the required information and when you are ready to complete the final exam you will have UNLIMITED opportunities to pass successfully. Once the exam is completed as required you will receive a Certificate of Completion, Live Scan Fingerprint forms along with detailed instructions on submitting your State Application online or by mail. We will also be there to help you over the phone, via email and now via mobile text!

Every licensed training center has the exact same training material the only difference is the cost and the reputaion behind the training facility. Everyone completing a course online with us or elsewhere stll has to complete the steps below:

STEP ONE: Take our course online...

STEP TWO: Submit your fingerprints at a local Live Scan provider...

STEP THREE: Apply to the State online or by mail...

STEP FOUR: Wait for your temporary guard card, usually 2-5 business days (as of 04/21/2012). It can take longer depending on your background if you've been convicted of a crime. NOTE: Please allow at least 10 minutes after purchasing this online course to receive your user name/s and password/s via email.

To purcahse the course above and begin please place your order by adding it to your cart.

Price: $ 49.99 Quantity:

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