What is a California Guard Card?

A California guard card, also known as California guard registration is a government issued permit/license that allows that licensee to legally work within the State of California as a Security Officer. The security officer title includes bodyguards, loss prevention, store security, night club security, night club bouncers, doorman, armed guards, armored vehicle personnel, mall security, school security, university public safety officers, and many other titles require a guard card. Basically if your security position involves protecting people or property and you interact with the public you must by law obtain a California guard card registration permit or you and or your employer will suffer criminal penalties as well as greater civil liability. The guard card itself a credit card size paper permit issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) which is a government run licensing and regulatory agency under the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). It is issued to you only after completing the requirements set by law. The Guard Card is good for two years and must be renewed with 60 days of expiration in order to continue working security with California.

California Guard Card Permit

How do you get a California Guard Card?

Updated: October 10th, 2013